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About James

Moveology grew out of a feeling of wanting to help people be pain-free and have a better quality of life.  Many clients have come to me over the years with various levels of tension and pain and I’ve learnt no one approach will work.  Humans are complex beings and I enjoy solving unsolvable problems so in over 10 years in the industry, I have successfully helped hundreds of people with all kinds of pain and tension issues.

Active from a young age in sports and with a passion for Martial Arts, I have always been interested in movement.  Over time I developed a number of pain and injury problems of my own... these challenges made me pause and re-assess where I was with my own health and forced me to make major changes in my life.

This led me to study various exercise and complementary medicine methods as it relates to movement, posture, pain and life.  I am very grateful to have learnt from some great teachers and mentors.

  • Dip. In Sports Kinesiology (ACCM)

  • Dip in Chinese Martial Arts (James Sumarac, Chen Pan Ling Foundation)

  • Cert III & IV in Fitness (FIA Fitnation)

  • Rehab Master Trainer (Rehab Trainer)

  • Stretch Therapist (Kit Laughlin, Stretch Therapy)

  • Circular Strength Training Instructor (Scott Sonnon, RMAX International)

  • Universal Healing Tao Instructor (Andrew Jan, Mantak Chia’s UHT)

  • Also extensive study in Russian Martial Arts Systema (Alex Kostic, Homo Ludens)

Rehabilittion Functional Personal Training

"Working with James is something that I look forward to every week. I have learnt more about movement in the few months that James has been working with me than I have over the last few years of my training life.  James has a wide range of knowledge on many different training systems and techniques which bring depth to our sessions and has allowed room for greater growth in me.  Always ready with a smile and a gentle way of teaching, I have to say that to me James is more than a trainer, he is my coach."

Christine Wheatley, Personal Trainer

I had a lot of pain in my back and sciatica from over-training with poor technique.  James assisted me by locating my problem areas, applying functional and holistic and techniques to help heal my pain and bring me back to normality with my training program.

Paige 20yo, Instagram Model

"I have had pain in my neck and shoulder since I was in my early 20's from nursing in Aged Care. After having and holding three children, my pain worsened. Over the years I had been to see many doctors, physio's, masseurs and osteopaths. I found every treatment helped in its own way but for only a short period of time. I had hit rock bottom when James said he could help me, and he did just that.  James has been my saviour. He worked with me and taught me what my body needed and how to achieve it. He has taught me stretching, strengthening and relaxation techniques. I have since been pain free and only tend to experience some discomfort when I'm highly stressed. James has given me the tools to assess my own needs and independently manage my body. I now do not have any neck and shoulder problems. I highly recommend James to anyone needing some guidance."

Anthea Salata, Nurse



"James is one of my most trusted CST (Circular Strength Training) professionals in Australia.  His diverse experience in human evolution, physiologically, neurologically and psycho-somatically allow him to fully express CST as a method of optimizing human performance and wellness.  Only with his unique combination of telescopic comprehensiveness and microscopic perpicacity can you truly accelerate your individualized life as his client.  I could not be more proud to include James to my staff." 
Scott Sonnon, USA National Coach, Hall of Fame martial artist and creator of Circular Strength Training) www.rmaxinternational.com


Dr Andrew Jan

"I have known James for several years now as a Martial Art colleague, trainer and therapist.  In that time he has shown me to be a dedicated professional in the field of health and wellness.  James is of great character, knowledge and integrity and has a deep understanding of the mind-body connection.  All these facets of James enable him to obtain excellent results for his clients." 
Dr Andrew Jan, Doctor of Emergency Medicine and Universal Healing Tao Senior Instructor


"I have been training with James for just over a year and in that time I have gone from being in the worst shape of my life to being in the best shape of my life.  I can contribute this completely to the care and guidance given to me by James.  James has worked with me to strengthen and improve my body; slowly working on the weakest areas which were my back and hips to the stage where I am now pain free and have much greater mobility. It is amazing to feel strong and somehow younger again.  I can’t thank James enough."

Jill Harden 53yo, Executive assistant/civil celebrant



"I've been so impressed with James' knowledge and expertise in helping me prepare for my swimming event in the Australian Masters Games.  The specific exercises, mobility training and poolside coaching enabled me to confidently perform at my peak in my pet event the 50m Freestyle, where I achieved a personal best and clinched a Bronze Medal in the 50-59 year old age group.  Thanks James!" 
Wendy Cover 53yo, Personal Trainer and former competitive bodybuilder


"I had just joined the gym.  I was a skinny guy with no training experience and I had some questions regarding my program.  I was pleasantly surprised to meet an articulate, approachable trainer who could help.  Over the course of roughly a year, with James' support and guidance, I went from 49 to 57kg, gaining 8kg of muscle. 8kg may not seem a considerable amount, but to me it was incredible. With my ludicrously fast metabolism, I would never have believed the transformation possible. At one point early on James told me our target weight was 58kg. I told him that'd be amazing, unbelievable and he'd have to be a magician.  Meet James Alamanos, also known as Houdini.  For the price of a  personal trainer, James was a mentor, life-coach, psychologist, dietician and a friend, all in one."

Tim Perry 26yo, Classical Music Presenter on Joy FM Radio