What we do

The aim of Moveology is to help as many people as possible have a better life through movement and exercise.   We take a conscious and empowering approach to injury/pain and movement dysfunction and take great care to provide inspiring sessions that get results.  We also offer functional training for sports performance and general fitness.

Training with Moveology prepares you both physically and mentally to perform at your best for the activities and challenges of your life.  We work towards your goal together so that you feel empowered by the process and are able to manage your own body and health going forward.


Breath, body awareness, strength & flexibility, energy, emotions and environment are some of the factors that can play a role in developing poor posture and movement patterns. Moveology helps you to identify and correct these factors and bring balance back to your body.

We can help you with:


  • Pain & Injury management & rehabilitation

  • Overcoming neck, shoulder, hip, knee and back pain

  • Improving posture and movement

  • Relieving chronic muscle tension

  • Emphasis on Injury prevention

  • Disorders such as headaches, sciatica, disc bulges, bursitis and more... 

Personal and Small Group Training

Seminars and Events

Mentorships - For Personal Trainers and Therapists

Wellbeing programs - For Community and Corporate

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Rehabilitation Functional Personal Training

What else

Tai Chi Quan is a Chinese Martial Art and exercise system that uses slow, smooth body movements to achieve a state of relaxation of both mind and body.   James primarily teaches Authentic Tai Chi Quan and Bagua Zan from the Chen Pan Ling tradition and other related forms.


Qigong/Chi Kung is an ancient and powerful system of energy meditation that helps develop physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  James is a certified Universal Healing Tao instructor and teaches - Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds and Iron Shirt as well as Pa Tuan Chin and Qigong forms based on the Chen Pan Ling system.

Moveology also provides private lessons, classes, seminars and corporate wellness programs in:

  • Tai Chi & Qigong

  • Stretching for Posture and Pain


Master Rehabilitation Trainer